Tall Trees of Paris book release

Fantastic time in Paris at Arts Factory for the Tall Trees of Paris book release.
Check out the photos.

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Levalet – Everyday Life Circus

Tall Trees of Paris artist Levalet has a new show opening in Paris at Galerie Openspace.  “Everyday Life Circus”, May 7th till June 4th, 2016.  The street artist moves indoors again for  a gallery show that will feature work based upon circus performers.
Left-Levalet-Anima-sana-supra-corpore-sano-Right-Levalet-Dis-paraiétre Levalet-1 Levalet-The-Beast

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Ema Show Portland

ema show pdxPortland – Hellion Gallery – April 7th

Portland opening pictures

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Tall Trees Paris in the Toronto Star

Nice review of the upcoming Tall Trees of Paris book in the Toronto Star.

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Easter For the Eyes

Opening today at Sergeant Paper in Paris,  “Easter for the eyes”: An Expo by Le chocolat des Français.  The show features chocolate bars with original artwork.  Featured in the show are Alexandra Arango, Ann-Charlotte LauransAurore PetitDugudusIl pistrice and Jean Leblanc from the Tall Trees of Paris book.
12799453_1072162469472800_31622653198613262_n aurorepetit aurorepetit2 dugudus ilpistrice ilpistrice1 leblanc leblancA leblancI leblancP leblancR leblancS

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Opening this Friday March 11th at The Sanctuary in Arcata California, UFO Cult with Tripper Dungan.  A body of work celebrating the peculiarities surrounding UFO culture.  If you are not familiar with Tripper, you should be.  Colorful crazy ass folk art for the contemporary connoisseur.  I like the work so much, I put him in my “Tall Trees of Portland” book.  If you are in Arcata, go check it out.
FullSizeRender FullSizeRender1 FullSizeRender2 IMG_6761

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Honey Honey with Amandine Urruty

March 3rd – April 2nd – Honey Honey with Paris artist AMANDINE URRUTY

Amandine Urruty lives and works on her bed, with a suit case full of pens always nearby. After studying at a University and a brief career in underground music, Amandine now creates her gallery of weird characters on walls and paper. As she masters techniques of traditional drawing, she offers us a cheerful gallery of deviant portraits in grotesque outfits with baroque décor. Amandine builds her images as someone would shop at a flea market. Borrowing from the randomness of the selection, re-mixing vintage toys and pop icons into sweetly wicked landscapes.



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Into The Things

Tall Trees of Paris artist Alexandra Arango has a new show opening at Slow Galerie in Paris on February 16.  Into the Things is a series of drawings on the privacy of people and things. They express the stories and secrets that lurk in everyone. By eliminating the border between people and their surroundings, “Into the Things” explores our relationship to the world and the way it transforms our own history.
12509466_10207395780029473_1597002115143109211_n 12522942_804918476279440_4313593825851564706_n AlexArango_IntoTheThings-turquoise hands jaguar jaguar1

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Paper Dreams

Opening this Thursday February 11th 杉並 海の家 in Tokyo,  “Paper Dreams” with Yasutaka Matsumoto.  Yasutaka is in this month’s Art Not Image show at Hellion.  He makes pretty spectacular intricate paper sculptures.
IMG_6592 IMG_7323 IMG_7325 IMG_7326 IMG_8336

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Shojo no Shuchou

Hellion alumni Peach Momoko opening on February 8th at Vanilla Gallery in Tokyo. “Shojo no Shuchou” translates to “A girl`s inner cry”. This show represents the destruction and rebuilding of a girls feelings.peachmomoko.45x60.kisei
peachmomoko.10x15.a peachmomoko.10x15.ak47 peachmomoko.45x60.hakaitosaisei2peachmomoko.45x60.momokonodaiyogen1

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