Art & Touch – Paris

This last Saturday night in Paris was the opening of “Art & Touch”.  A large group exhibition of print focused work. The exhibition includes Alexone, Koralie, Rero, Tyrsa and C215 from the upcoming “Tall Trees of Paris” book from Overcup Press.
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Edith Carron – Intime EXTIME

Opening Wednesday November 24th at Slow Galerie in Paris, “Intime EXTIME” with Edith Carron.  The show features intimate memories represented in quickly executed colorful drawings as well as limited edition silkscreen scarves.  Show closes December 5th.
edith carron_journal_nicht baden_web copie edithcarron_journal_filmset_2015 karte_diner_verso_costume trois pieces3_2 scarf_edithcarron_cachecache_expo_imtime extime

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Winter Tales – Ciou, Véronique Dorey and Sachiko Kanaizumi

If you are in Paris be sure to stop by and check out “Winter Tales” at Arts Factory Bastille. The show features new work from Ciou, Véronique Dorey and Sachiko Kanaizumi.  The three artists in this show all have one foot firmly planted in the fairy tale world.  I showed Ciou many years ago when I was the curator at another gallery before opening Hellion.  I loved her work then and I still love it.  Her art has that dark fairy tale vibe that hits me in my sweet spot.  The grey scale goodness of Veronique’s drawings in this show will put the viewer in a dream like state and Sachiko’s work has that nostalgic child like feel.  The show is up until December 23rd.  Next year, Art’s Factory will also be hosting the art show and book release for my upcoming “Tall Trees of Paris” book.
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I received this book in the mail from “Tall Trees of Paris” artist Francesca Protopapa, aka “Ilpistrice”.  Francesca also art directed the book.  “Rock Motel” is an illustrated tribute to figures throughout rock n roll history.  It features 67 comics, illustration and street artists.  Very cool book.  Published by Squame in France.
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Kousuke Shimizu – Chaotic Discord

While I was in Tokyo recently I had a chance to stop by Voilld Gallery to check out the “Chaotic Discord” show from Kousuke Shimizu.  Kousuke is a young Japanese artist I was introduced to a little more than a year ago.  He distorts cartoons and printed material into darker, deeper works of art.  The Japanese are good at reinventing culture and Kousuke is the new flag bearer.  Look for him in the future at Hellion.
IMG_0918 IMG_0920 IMG_0934 IMG_0946 IMG_0953 IMG_0958 IMG_0973 IMG_0975 IMG_0988 IMG_0997 kou

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MUPAN – Fake Cover

Currently on view at Galerie LJ in Paris, “Fake Cover” featuring new work from Mupan.  I really wish I was in Paris to see this show in person.  Taiwan born Mupan combines so many elements that I love in art.  Each piece depicts social criticism in a classical Japanese and Chinese style.  The icing on the cake…… Monkey’s!  Read more about the show on the Galerie LJ website.  If you are in Paris, support the local galleries, get out and see this show before it ends on November 28th.
american_dog highmountain locusts me_like_sushi me_love_you_long_time P1090726 P1090728 P1090729 P1090734 spider_woman white_boar_and_watermelons

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Naoshi – “Ice Cream Work” book signing

Last night at Hellion Gallery, Overcup Books hosted a book signing and a live art demo with “Ice Cream Work” artist Naoshi.  If you haven’t checked out Naoshi’s new book, don’t miss out.  You can follow the daily work of the Ice Cream man and see his reward for his labors.  The entire book is illustrated in tinted sand.

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Total Trip with Egle Zvirblyte & Jose Mendez

Total Trip
with Egle Zvirblyte & Jose Mendez ends this weekend at Anagra Gallery in Tokyo.  Nice to see gallery walls drenched in voluptuous ladies and cross sectioned heads.  Fantastic show with big bold graphics from these Spanish and Lithuanian artists? Check it out before Sunday.
totaltrip1 totaltrip2 totaltrip3 totaltrip4 totaltrip5 totaltrip7 totaltrip8 totaltrip10 totaltrip11

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Maryanna Hoggatt – “All Aboard the Dream Boat”

I love Maryanna Hoggatt’s art.  That’s why she has had a solo show at Hellion, participated in many group shows with me and is featured in my Tall Trees of Portland book.  In fact I like her so much,  I recommended her to my publisher so she could create a book of her own.  Looking forward to that release in fall of 2016.  “All Aboard the Dream Boat” is a continuation of Maryanna’s “Animal Battle” series.  These colorful creatures struggle against fear and doubt to bring their ideas to life.  Maryanna is a self taught sculpture who is only in her 2nd year of making 3d pieces.  If you are in San Francisco, drop by Modern Eden on November 14th for the opening reception.  Show runs until December 5th.
MHoggatt_Bird_Left_Rocket_WEB MHoggatt_Nope_Left_Rocket_WEB MHoggatt_MrSleepy_Back_v2_WEB MHoggatt_Slumber_v2_WEB MHoggatt_Sleep_Running_WEB MHoggatt_Lightning_Right_Rocket_WEB MHoggatt_Seeking_v2_WEB MHoggatt_Bunny_Front_Rocket_WEB

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Yu Suda – Edogorin

Hellion alumni Yu Suda has a new show opening this Friday October 13th in Tokyo at Be-Wave.  “Edogorin” is Yu’s fantasy version of the olympic games that could have taken place during the Edo period in Japan.  This period also saw the reinforcement of a status system known as shi-no-ko-sho (warrior – peasant – artisan – merchant).  This system placed the warrior in the top social class and led to the establishment of a policy of national seclusion and the prohibition of Christianity.  Head out to Shinjuku this Friday to see Yu’s modern take on classic Japanese illustration.
100m レスリング 籠球 羽球 蹴球1 障害走 騎馬戦

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