Avalanche with Adam Friedman

Portland artist and Forest For the Trees alumni Adam Friedman has a new show opening with Cordesa fine art in Los Angeles on February 11.  I stopped by Adam’s studio to check out the work before it heads down to southern California.   During our chat Adam told me that the title of the show is a response to the appropriation of words associated with nature by modern financial and political institutions.  Words like erosion and climate are used by these folks as a metaphor for the ups and downs of their organizations.  If I had to guess I would say most of these people are probably out of touch with nature other than what they see on the screens of their devices.  The use of geometry and natural scenery in Adam’s paintings really illustrate this disconnect.  Adam has also created an an almost topographic installation piece for the gallery featuring a series of triangular mountains.  If you are in Los Angeles, don’t miss this show.