Lady Amputee in a powder room

I met Makiko Sugawa several years ago while I was the director at another gallery in Portland.  I showed her work there and have continued to show her work since.  Makiko lost her leg to cancer 12 years ago.  This event heavily influences her work.   “Lady amputee in a powder room” reflects this influence.  Each of her delicate drawings features a character missing limbs.  Like with her prosthetic limb, the subjects of her pieces also have interchangeable prosthetic’s.  The difference between reality and her work is that the figures are like dolls with snap on limbs.  Makiko is a champion for amputees in Japan and is heavily involved in the community.  In a country that is fixated on appearance, this can’t be easy but she keeps knocking down barriers.  “Lady amputee in a powder room” opens at Vanilla Gallery in Tokyo on February 6th.