Available work from “Hijos Del Lago Perdidio”.

Hijos del lago perdido (Children of the lost lake)
Mexico City is built on the ancient lake Texcoco.   The Aztecs built the city of Tenochtitlan on an island in the middle of the lake in the 1300’s.  After the Spanish conquered the Aztec empire in the 1500’s, the lake was filled in to control flooding.  The lost lake of Texcoco gave birth to the city and it’s culture. When I arrived in Mexico City to start working on my next book “The Tall Trees of Mexico City” this year, I had an established recipe for finding artists, making books and curating art exhibitions, but I did not know if it would work in Mexico like it had in Tokyo, Portland and Paris.  Very quickly any doubt was put to rest as I started meeting artists and they were in turn introducing me to other artists.  The “Hijos del lago perdido” (Children of the lost lake) show represents a selection of artists that will appear in the next book.

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