Yokohama illustrator HR-FM creates a kinetic yet decaying world that has one foot in the future and one foot in the past. His work can be seen in the comics and video game industry in the United States. He recently was invited to join the creative Digmeout group in Osaka, Japan
1. Name
2. Hometown
3. What music are you currently listening to?
Electronic music. For example, Siriusmo, Kavinsky, Mochipet, Justice&metro, Boysnoize, YMO etc…
4. What other artist or artists do you like?
Syd Mead、Taro OKAMOTO、 Richard Rogers、Stan Winston、 Moebius、 Otomo KATSUHIRO
5. At what age did you first start making art?
It was most likely when I was in the elementary school around 10 years old. I transferred from another school and wasn’t getting along with the new classmates, so I enjoyed drawing by myself. Later I became good friends with them soon after. I think it was the beginning of the term.
Two years ago I truly started my expression in art. I used to work with games and comics.  I always worked on visualizing someone else’s ideas and suggestions. In that situation, my desire for seeking my genuine expression and showing myself was getting stronger. During the recession in late 2008, my schedule was empty and I found my current style and concept. That was the beginning of my career as an artist.
6. What inspired you in the beginning and why?
When I was a kid it was movies. The special effects in movies were so popular. There was extraordinary scenes and phenomenon on the screen. It was shocking and exciting for everyone. We experienced and imagined something we had never seen before and we said “What the hell is this?” That was the origin of my desire for expression and what I want to express by my own hand.
7.  Who or what inspires you now?
These are not in any order of importance.
–    The power of paintings in a traditional medium.
–    The editing of screen images by a movie director like Wes Anderson.
–    Japanese animation director, Kenji Nakamura.
–    Club culture and the music in the club scene. Also 80’s techno music.
–    Ukiyoe prints   .. Etc…
–映画監督Wes  Andersonが切り取る映像
8. How would you describe your art to someone seeing it for the first time?
Like a fossil, when people hold it in their hand, they seek eternal feelings and the genealogy that lives within. People feel the reality of the past and they are attracted by it. What I draw is the mechanical fossil that people in the far future would create. The current fossils are the organic matter which is turned to stone, but I would say the fossils in the future will be turned into nano-machines like plastics and other high-tech materials. By drawing future fossils, I try to draw the future world which is almost impossible to imagine. I express the discovery and recollection by drawing a contradictory time line, “the past of future.” I want you to feel the impact of a mechanical fossil and understand how to exist simply.
By arched lines, I express a circular pattern that ignores the perspective and the situation is paused or in super slow motion. I design the incorrect past reconstruction of dinosaurs and their vivid coloring by using the confused variety of color and a strange combination of objects. If dinosaurs see the early reconstruction of them, they would laugh wildly. I draw the effort that future people will give in trial and error to express the past. At the same time it implies that the meaning, value and standard have been changed as time goes by.
9. What do you think about people outside of Japan buying and seeing your art?
Simply I am very glad. I don’t create for the “Japanese”, but if people feel something “Japanese,” it would be more meaningful.
10. What shows, events or commercial projects do you have in the future?
I have some apparel projects, which are offered by some major brands. I will also release recodes’ jackets. As a personal vision, I want to create work in a traditional medium and establish a technique or process in creating it.  I want to have an exhibition in the next year of this work. I will be a part of a group show produced by Ogawa Kikaku at AMPcafe in Koenji and I will be included in an art book which will be released between September 13th and 19th.