Mike Maxwell
Live Free Podcast

Mikes statement about the podcast.
From a young age people have been comfortable sharing with me their personal experiences and feelings. Over the past few years I began listening to podcasts such as This American Life, The Joe Rogan Experience, and Marc Maron’s WTF. As I began listening to Comedians tell their life stories. I thought it would be great to get to know visual artists better in this way. There was a lack of content out there, so I thought what better time to fill this void? So I did. I’ve recorded 80 episodes mostly focusing on visual artists and what led them into a creative lifestyle. This art show is to showcase their work and their stories.

artist links
Brett Amory                        
Jason Barrr                           
Pakayla Biehn                      
Jason Botkin                         
Kelsey Brookes                     
Ana Brown                             
Neko Burke                            
Fred Caron                             
Paul Chatem                         
Joshua Clay                            
Jocelyn Duke                         
Carly Ealey                             
PJ Fidler                                 
Blaine Fontana                      
Mike Giant                              
Charles Glaubitz                   
Bob Green                              
Ben Grillo
Robert Hardgrave                
Sergio Hernandez                
Michael Hsiung                     
Mel Kadel                              
Joshua Krause                      
Ti Kunkit                               
Kevin Ledo                             
Freddy Lockhart                  
Kirsten McCrea                     
Travis Millard                      
Michael Page                        
Alex Pardee                         
Justin Parker                        
Daryll Peirce                         
Dave Persue                        
Kevin Peterson                   
Rafa Reyes
Issac Randonzzi                   
Johnny “KMNDZ” Rodriguez
Lisa Romero                         
Brent Sandor                       
Greg “craola” Simkins        
Ryan Jacob Smith               
Kevin Earl Taylor                
Duncan Trussell                    
Ben Walker                          
Peat Wollaeger                    
Jasmine Worth                     
Mark Dean Veca