The Tall Trees of Portland
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The Tall Trees of Portland  – by Matt Wagner
Release Date – April 3, 2014

The Tall Trees of Portland is a documentation of a love affair between a city and an unlikely curator. Matt Wagner has embraced Portland’s unique creative community and has broadened its connection internationally. Wagner’s family of artists resists the conformity of the art world and creates from a fearless independent point of view.”
John C. Jay – Executive Creative Director, GX

“Matt Wagner is on the front lines of the Portland art scene, and in The Tall Trees of Portland he shares some of the most interesting practitioners in his orbit. Prepare yourself for a visual feast, as well as a tour of the city’s highlights from the artists themselves.”
Tsilli Pines – Co-Director, Design Week Portland –

About the Author

Matt Wagner is an art director, owner and curator of Hellion Gallery. He is the author of two books – The Tall Trees of Portland and The Tall Trees of Tokyo. After earning a BA in Fine Arts from Indiana University, Matt moved to Portland, Oregon, in 1996 and began curating art shows for local galleries. In 2010, Matt opened his own Hellion Gallery with the simple goal of seeking out and sharing great art from around the world. His first trip to Japan in 1999 sparked an appreciation for Japanese culture and art, and he now returns to Japan several times each year. He curates art exhibitions in Tokyo, San Diego, and Portland. He lives in Southeast Portland with his wife, Beth, and their two dogs, Imo and Ebi.

A Conversation with Matt Wagner

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About the Book

In this second book of Matt Wagner’s survey of international contemporary art, he turns his eye to his hometown of Portland, Oregon. He’s chosen 40 artists who embody the independent ethos that Portland is known for and shows readers what’s happening in the city’s vibrant visual arts scene right now. Wagner has created a portrait of a city that nurtures artists and art in a way few other cities do. Explore a modern American city through its bold contemporary art and vibrant creative scene.

The book features AJ Fosik, JShea, Zach Johnsen, Meredith Dittmar, Souther Salazar, Jennifer Parks, Amy Ruppel, Keith Carter, Peter Gronquist, Blaine Fontana, Tripper Dungan, Stephanie Buer, Brett Superstar, Brin Levinson, Cole Gerst, Craig Thompson, Ryan Bubnis, Josh Keyes, Ren Sakurai, Jason Graham, Jen Lobo, Martin Ontiveros, Keegan Onefoot, Beth Wagner, Maryanna Hoggatt, Morgaine Faye, APAK, Neil Perry, Susannah Kelly, Jon MacNair, Brad Delay, and Blaine Fontana – along with a section on local craftspeople Crafty Wonderland, Gigantic Brewing, Stumptown Printers, and Tanner Goods.

Images From the Book

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Buckminster Fuller: Poet of Geometry

APAK – From L to R – Turtle Island, Dream Machine, (top) Winds of the Universe, (bottom) Yeti Dream

The Tall Trees of Portland

Zack Johnsen – From L to R – Big Gulp, USA Tomorrow, Welcome Welcome

The Tall Trees of Portland

Craig Thompson – Handwritten survey

Amy Ruppel OregonState Print

Amy Ruppel Oregon State Print

Blaine Fontana - An Isolated Incident

Blaine Fontana – An Isolated Incident

Keith Carter - Messenger Monkey

Keith Carter – Messenger Monkey


Cole Gerst - We Buy Junk

Cole Gerst – We Buy Junk


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