MOMENT with Tadashi Ura

Opening September 3rd at 6pm
From Tokyo, Japan – Tadashi Ura

Tadashi Ura is an Illustrator and artist from Japan. He was born in Nagasaki, Japan in 1972. He started his career in Tokyo from 1994 after graduated from  the Japan Design School in Kyushu branch and works for  mostly advertising, magazine and web.
He became a freelance illustrator in 2002 and since 2007, started to receive awards in the commercial sector in Japan, which were the good design award, the TIAA award, also several Illustration or art’s awards.
He has been also learning a  Japanese ink and wash painting which is called “Suibokuga” from the master of Suibokuga artist, Shukou Tsuchiya, since 2006. And also he began to teach Suibokuga with his master in the culture school from 2013.
He is very often exhibiting his artwork or doing the live drawing of Suibokuga in Japan and USA. His inspirations come from everyday life and his style is mixed with Japanese traditional artwork and a modern twist.

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