Second home again home again Tokyo

Back in Tokyo making preparations for the Blaine Fontana show.  I plan on making regular updates of the trip.  The Japanese art critic Teruo Fujieda visited Hellion gallery on Wednesday. We ended up on the same flight to Tokyo yesterday.  Very interesting conversations.  Invited him to Blaine’s show next week.

Omawari (shochu, hot water and pickled plum) with oden at photographer Hooky’s studio.  Listening to records and drinking with friends.  The same as in Portland.

First Thursday – soft opening

Had another test opening of the gallery last night.  I still have not started to advertise or send out invites.  It was an amazing crowd.  323 NW 6th ave is off to a stellar start.  Lots of new stuff in the gallery.  Ogi art, Naoshi prints and cards…… and more.  Big thanks to everyone that came out to Hellion and my show at Compound.

Rei & Hooky show in PDX featured in Japanese book.

The Japanese book “Green Neighborhood” features images and text about the show “Survival Drive” at Compound from 2009.  This was one of my favorite shows that I curated last year.  Rei Mochizuki and Shoichiro Fukuda aka Hooky put on a killer show for Portland.  The book features a ton of images from Portland.

Hellion Gallery is Open

Come by and check out the new space.  There is a mix of Japanese artists hanging in the gallery.  For the next few months the gallery is open Wednesday – Saturday 12 to 6.  Our first show will be in December and then the hours will switch to the permanent schedule of Tuesday – Thursday 12 to 6, Friday and Saturday 12 to 8.  We have a great line up of artists from all over Japan for 2011.

Ryuichi Ogino opening at Compound

Super opening for Ogi at Compound.  This show is my last Japanese show at Compound and I could not be more happy.  Great turn out and Ogi sold a good number.  Thanks to everyone that came out and thanks to everyone who visited Hellion last night for our secret soft opening.

Idealistically Hypocritical – Ryuichi Ogino

This Thursday September 2nd at Compound Gallery is the opening of Ryuici Ogino’s show Idealistically Hypocritical.  Ryuichi aka OGI is mashing up his artwork with over 20 artists from Japan and the United States.  This will be my last Japanese artist show at Compound Gallery before my final show in November.