Opening this Thursday – The Armies Gather with Maryanna Hoggatt

Opening reception August 7th at 6pm

Maryanna Hoggatt –


Beast From a Foreign Land with AJ Fosik on VNA

Nice write up from Very Nearly Almost magazine about the “Beast From a Foreign Land” show with AJ Fosik that Hellion is producing in Tokyo next month.



Part 1 of our 2 part show this month featuring AJ FosikJsheaSouther SalazarTroy CoultermanMichael Alm and Yosakay Yamamoto opened last night.
Part 1 featured sculpture work from each artist at Hellion Gallery.  For part 2, I will be curating the Antler Gallery space.  This part will feature 2d companion pieces to the sculpture work from each artist.
Hellion Opening Reception – February 13th at 6pm (show closes on 3/1)
Antler Opening Reception – February 27th at 6pm (show closes on 3/29)

MichaelAlm_North American Cougar (puma concolor cougar)


Michael Alm video

Check out this video from Michael Alm.  Michael is showing next month at Hellion in our big sculpture show, “Reverse Engineered” with AJ FosikJsheaSouther SalazarTroy Coulterman, and Yosakay Yamamoto.


Opening reception and available artwork from Everyday Anomalies

Thank you, thank you to everyone that came out on a cold January night to support the gallery.  Check out the available artwork from Troy Coulterman and the opening receptions photos.
Hellion is only 2 years old and I am amazed at how my little hidden gallery has grown.  2012 was an amazing year that included shows in Tokyo, San Diego and Portland; the release of my first book “The Tall Trees of Tokyo and consulting on the first ever Japanese food festival in Portland.  I am truly grateful for all support and kindness. I look forward to 2013 and all the crazy shit that awaits!

Everyday Anomalies - Troy Coulterman
Everyday Anomalies - Troy Coulterman
Everyday Anomalies - Troy Coulterman
Everyday Anomalies - Troy Coulterman
Everyday Anomalies - Troy Coulterman
Everyday Anomalies - Troy Coulterman

JShea studio visit

I stopped by Joe Shea’s house this morning to take a gander at his work for his solo show that opens on November 10th at Spring Box gallery here in Portland.  “A Good Soul” is the title and anybody that knows Joe, knows how appropriate that title is.  Joe bleeds sincerity and it pours out of every pore in his sculptures.  For some reason when I see Joe’s work I think of “Harrison Bergeron” by Vonnegut.  Each rusty, antique, industrial element is added to the cake batter like the handicaps on Harrison but instead of handicapping the work it makes each piece better.  These finished little narratives were all born in an exploded drawing cabinet from Joe’s basement.  Inside you will find watch bands, costume jewelry, flea market trinkets, forgotten toys, foam and modeling clay. Go to this show and see for yourself.  Mr. Shea makes good stuff.