Ai Ohkawara

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1. Name
名前 大河原愛
Ohkawara Ai
2. Hometown
出身地 東京
3. What music are you currently listening to?
I listen to mainly Underworld, classic music and/or celtic music.
4. What other artist or artists do you like?
Alberto Giacometti, Giorgio Morandi, Hans Bellmer, and Horst Janssen.
5. At what age did you first start making art?
12 years old.
6. What inspired you in the beginning and why?
Once I got taught how to draw, that’s when I started to get interested in art. I got really sucked in to the art world when I learned how to control the balance of light and shadow into creating something three dimensional on a flat canvas.
7. Who or what inspires you now?
Currently I am inspired by the powerful movement that are performed by many dancers. The dancers chiseled fit body and the creation of the body movement and what lies underneath the skin: bone, muscle, expression. I feel those are what is the true beauty in human and those images are what inspired me today.
8. How would you describe your art to someone seeing it for the first time?
Visually my art is mainly the human body, but within the body lies the mental process in all humans.
9. What do you think about people outside of Japan buying and seeing your art?
I would feel very happy and very grateful. If someone would purchase my work without physically seeing/meeting me, would be a great accomplishment.
10. What shows, events or commercial projects do you have in the future?
アメリカのポートランドにある、Hellion Galleryで個展を開催します。また4月のアートフェア東京で、作品を展示します。
I am showing at Portland, OR. USA at Hellion Gallery and on April I will be showing at Art Fair Tokyo.

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