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Artist Bios
Joseph Bergin III

Joseph Bergin III was born in Washington State at Fort Lewis Army Base and raised in Las Vegas, NV.  He attended the Art Institute of Seattle studying traditional animation for 3 years. Joseph has worked as an animator, concept artist, comic book artist, caricaturist and illustrator. After working for a year in Japan as a caricature artist at Tokyo Disney Sea he returned to Portland. After a trip to Vancouver, BC and Hawaii he decided to decide to begin working as a tattoo artist. Joseph is now working at Albatross Tattoo with Ren Sakurai & Trevor Ward as an apprentice and is currently enrolled at a state approved tattoo school to receive his license.

Joey Alvarez

My inspiration comes from personal experiences and tragedies in the lives of my friends, family and myself.  Through the use of found or recycled materials, I explore the beauty and light that can be discovered in the darkest of situations. I use materials that others would consider trash and find humor in obstacles that others would consider setbacks. The juxtaposition of my fabricated creations brings me personal joy. I am constantly in search of another foreign object for the next creative challenge.

Christa Mariottini

Christa Mariottini began her love/hate relationship with photography at age sixteen when she bought her first Minolta. She went on to study at Columbia College Chicago where she received a Bachelors of Arts in Photography and Art History. As of 2009 she resides in Portland, Oregon where she is an apprentice for Photographer Tatiana Wills and recently began working for Society6. She is also an an Event Photographer for Breeze Block Gallery. When not interning Christa works on her own projects with her 35mm she bought at the dollar store and spends her free time with her three cats.

Alex DeSpain

Alex DeSpain’s work lends itself to many aesthetic languages, constantly exploring new developments in style. His more recent work is inspired by stories of thieves in American history. DeSpain studied graphic design for two years at the Art Institute of Dallas and is currently pursuing a degree in Fine Art at Portland State University.

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