Martes Bathori for Almanach Soldes

Martes Bathori has been contributing artwork and comics to the French/Belgium almanach Soldes for the past 4 years.  You can check out his illustrations in person if you are in Paris at VIADUC-des-Arts (65 avenue Daumesnil 75012) on Tuesday December 15th from 6:30 – 10:30.  Martes is also featured in the upcoming “Tall Trees of Paris” book.
cartonVIADUCdesArts DeWALL004aplati DeWALL005aplati FoieGras GHOrbis40cmjn Spaghettonis Speck

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Circular – QUINTAL opening exhibition

“Circular” is the inaugural exhibition at Quintal in Rio de Janeiro.  The show features Antonio Bokel, João Sánchez, Mateu Velasco, Marcelo Macedo and Pedro Sánchez.  Both Mateu and Marcelo are Hellion and Forest For The Trees alumni.  The space is an incubator for new and experimental art ideas that are free from government sponsorship and different than what can be found in traditional commercial galleries.  Show opens Saturday December 12th.
circular 3 circular 4 circular 5 circular 14 circular 20 circular 24 mateu1 mateu2

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Aki Miyajima – Lie After Lie

“Lie After Lie” with Aki Miyajima comes to a close at Galerie Lemonde in Tokyo on December 13th.  Aki is featured in the Tall Trees of Tokyo book and has shown at Hellion in the past.
12341505_1072871979424023_2155136087724267455_n 12360377_1072871902757364_4787515084137255296_n IMG_6899 IMG_6904 IMG_6907 IMG_6910 IMG_6912 IMG_6915 IMG_7099 IMG_7108 IMG_7119 Untitled-1

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NOE 246 – Fish Tank

Last weekend to check out Taipei artist NOE246’s show at Hatos Bar in Tokyo. For the last 5 or 6 years NOE246 stickers have been a constant while walking home from the train station in Tokyo.  I love the coverage.  He is everywhere.  My pals at Hatos always have killer shows and you shouldn’t miss this one.  The installation looks fantastic, especially the toilet.
12243391_10208504530428559_8073188624391727703_n 12274244_10208541371869572_4559313993900649324_n 12279212_10208494838306262_8942783451667982010_n IMG_1242 IMG_1473 IMG_160612208411_10208438947389024_5618631498632129590_n


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LEVALET – One step forward, two steps back

“One step forward, two steps back” with Levalet opens December 12th at the Montana Gallery in Barcelona, Spain.  Levalet’s work has such a fantastic sense of humor.  Hand drawn then turned into wheat pastes on the street.  Once the drawings are installed in the streets they take on a completely different meaning due to the way they interact with the environment.  For this show the work has to interact with objects in an interior space.  Exhibition runs December 14 to February 6, 2016.  Charles is also featured in the upcoming “Tall Trees of Paris” book.
atomisation 1 contre courant 1 fardeau 1 l'illuminé 1 Mosquitos

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IMAONE – Tsumedokoro (A Station)

imaone blog
“Tsumedokoro (A Station)” with IMAONE opens December 12th at MONO SEKAI OSAKA.  Imaone paints big ass walls and makes illustrations that are a cross between Alice in Wonderland and Terry Gilliam. He returns to Osaka with a new body of work that shouldn’t be missed. Show closes December 20. Imaone is also featured in the “Tall Trees of Tokyo” book.

or_sh_fill_harmony_A or_sh_fill_harmony_C or_sh_fill_harmony_E

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Alexone Company book

Alexone just released a new book.  Alex’s new book is a funny illustrated behind the scenes look at the satirical “Alexone Company” mega conglomerate.  ALËXONE COMPANY counts 17,899 employees – of which three are salaried – on seven continents – of which two are plastic.  Very original concept in art books.  Get the book here.
12246712_1222476794445603_5470915940679326763_n alex2 alex4 alex5 alex7 alex9

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AJ Fosik & Ben Venom- Subliminal projects

Studio process shots from Hellion alumni AJ Fosik & Ben Venom for the “A Primitive Future”  group show at Subliminal Projects in LA.  The show features work from AJ Fosik, Ben Venom, Frohawk Two Feathers, Haroshi, Lucien Shapiro and Ravi Zupa.  Pretty impressive lineup.  Hellion just wrapped up Ben Venom’s first solo show in Tokyo this month. Ben came back and knocked out a huge piece for this show and AJ’s new sculptural banner are fantastic. This should not be missed.  Show opens this Saturday December 5th.


BenVenom_6 BenVenom_5 BenVenom_4 BenVenom_3 BenVenom_2 2015_Venom

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COP 21 artist posters

COP 21 is an international summit addressing climate change.  Controversy surrounds the summit due to the involvement and influence of corporations on the summit negotiations.  In response to this many artists have created posters to be displayed throughout Paris during the event.  A few artists that Hellion is working with have created posters on their own and in conjunction with Brandalism.  Check out the posters below.
NIARK1 from the Tall Trees of Paris book.
Sebastien Touache from the Tall Trees of Paris book.
Dugudus from the Tall Trees of Paris book.
Alex_One_WEB Alex_One_z7_WEB
Alexone from the Tall Trees of Paris for the Brandalism project.
Cleon_1_Web Cleon_Peterloo_Day
Cleon Peterson from the upcoming Ema Show with Hellion for the Brandalism project.

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Jean Lecointre – Parcours d’art in Laval

Parcours d’art is a city wide installation and exhibition at Musee ecole de la Perrine from Jean Lecointre in Laval France.  Each installation panel is made from recycled plastic bottles and printed with solvent free ink.  When the exhibition is finished, each panel will be brought to Petites mains & Cie to be recycled into tablecloths, raincoats and shopping bags.  The event is on view until January 17th.  Jean is also featured in the “Tall Trees of Paris” book that will be released next spring.
12240947_530387440462726_5747877943835002114_o 12246940_532494816918655_1136526148861400835_n 12278744_532312953603508_4623267275554880050_n 12279192_531370817031055_1640897007156628844_n 12294748_532495313585272_3008735627235520956_n 12308047_531370933697710_1577888854220826181_o Canal06 TDelights01 TDelights02 TDelights03

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